Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The Amish

Hi bloggers!  Do you know who the Amish are? I will explain.
The Amish community is a group of people who stay separate from the world, and have their own language. They live in various parts of the world, and are known for their simple living, plain dress and reluctance to adopt modern technology.
The Amish are baptized as adults, but before that they are given permission to explore life outside their community to decide if they want to be part of this community. This "ritual" is called Amish Rumspringa and it is held at the age of 16. Unlike what you see in the movies, these teenagers typically explore simple things like going to the cinema or using electronic devices. Very few have decided to leave the community.
Amish women do not have the same right as Amish men. They must first consider the Church, the community and the family. Women must still follow the rules of their fathers and when married they have to be submissive to their husbands.
Amish women wear their hair long, and have a cloth covering their head. They also wear clothes with long sleeves and long skirts. Jewelry and make-up is banned.

Education for children in Amish communities is in the schools created by the community. They offer an education until they are teenagers. From this age men learn a profession, but women receive home instruction.
Arantxa C. G.
4th ESO B

Vikings, a TV series

Vikings is a TV show based on the legends of a  Viking called Ragnar Lodbrok, one of the most famous heroes of Nordic culture that raided Northumbria, France and Britain. The series portrays Lodbrok as curious warrior and navigator, technologically innovative, ambitious and rebellious. He builds a boat with his friend Floki, to travel and explore the territories of Western Scandinavia, disobeying the tribal Chief. Count Haraldson, who ordered them travel towards the poorer countries to raid them, is killed by Lodbrok because he doesn’t want to obey Haraldson.  Lodbrok doesn’t want to go to the north because all the Vikings have always used that route and he wants to discover somewhere new.
Pau F. S.
4th ESO A


Boxing is a combat sport where two people are wearing protective gloves and throw punches at each other in a boxing ring.
Boxing is practiced around the world. The equipment used for boxing are:
  2 gloves
  Sport wear
In boxing, you can win the match if you K.O (Knock Out) your opponent or your opponent withdraws from the match or if the scorecards from the judges are in your favor.
Novice: 6 rounds
Expert: 8 rounds
Professional: 10 and 12 rounds
The important figures of boxing are:
Floyd Mayweather: He was born February 24th 1997 in the USA and He has 49 wins and 0 defeats.
Mike Tyson: He was born June 30th 1996 in the USA and he has 50 wins and 6 defaults.
Muhammad Ali: He was born January 17th 1942 in the USA and he has 56 wins and 5 defaults.
Jhon S. Z.
3rd ESO B

Almost Famous

Hi bloggers!
One of my favorite films is Almost Famous; it was written and directed by Cameron Crow in the year 2000. This film is a fictional story about William who is a teenage reporter. He wants to write about the world of music and thanks to the Rolling Stone magazine he has the opportunity to write about it. William will accompany the Stillwater group on their tour; he will discover the world of music from within and will write about it.

Almost Famous won an Oscar for best screenplay, a Golden Globes for best motion picture about a comedy or musical, a two BAFTA Awards for best original screenplay and best sound, a AFI Awards for movie of the year, an American Cinema Editors for best edited feature film about comedy or musical and an Awards Circuit Community Awards for best original screenplay.  
Cristina M.D.
3rd ESO A

Sunday, 12 February 2017

The 5th English Day

Hi bloggers!
The 5th English Week was held from 6th to 10th February in our school. The topic was Harry Potter and we transformed the school in Hogwarts the last day.
All the students were divided into the four houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, so they have to compete to win the Cup of the Tournament. To achieve this objective, they had to complete some activities with the best punctuation. Here you have them:
-       Voldemort and the Dark Mark.

-       Bellatrix and the Spells.
-       Prof Trelawney and Prof Lupin with the cryptic messages.
-       Prof. Lockhart and the crosswords.
-       Moaning Myrtle and the role-plays
-       Prof McGonagall and Prof Sprout in the Transfiguration class.
-       Sirius Black and Azkaban
-       Hagrid and the Magical Creatures
-       Madam Hooch and the soundtrack
-    Dolores Umbridge and the decorations
-       Rita Skeeter and Mad-eye Moody with the news
-       Cedric and Dumbledore with Quidditch
We really had fun, it was an amazing and magical day! We’re waiting anxiously for the 6th English day next year!!!

British and Irish Sports

The students of 3rd ESO have been studying some British and Irish sports in a cooperative way. Each student has a different section to work in: equipment, rules, history, important figures and competitions. 
They have worked hard and, as a result, we have a huge poster with all the information about them. If you want to consult it, you can come and visit us!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

How to make a custom case for your mobile

Hi bloggers!

Today we will learn to make a custom case for your mobile phone. To start we buy a transparent case and now we search some photos that we like to have in the case. When we select the photos, we print and cut the photos. Then we paste them in the transparent case.  We will wait until it dries. And now we have our custom case.


Samuel V. R.
4th ESO B