Friday, 16 February 2018

6th English Day

Last Friday we celebrated the 6th English Day at school. There were many workshops and activities to learn and have fun!

1. Sherlock Holmes' Activity
Pupils became investigators in this workshop. They could choose one of the four games to play together thanks to their visual perception which was determining factor in all of them. Some of the activities were: spot the difference, test your memory, the power of obervation or handwriting analysis.

2. Watson's Activity
Who is the murderer??? And the victim? Was there any witness? Help Dr Watson to solve the crime.

3. Queen of Hearts' Activity
Are you ready to find the correct card? Remember that if you failed, the Queen can get angry and then it could be possible that she says:  OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!!

4. Alice's Activity
You must be very clever to complete this activity because you have to solve some of the most famous English riddles. 
If you have it, you want to share it. If you share it, you don't have it. What is it?” A secret.

5. The Time Traveller's Activity
We use his time machine to travel to the Victorian era. What did we know about it? We just needed to complete a Kahoot and compete to be the winners!

6. The Monkey's Activity
We become actors and actresses in this activity and we role-played some scenes of the Victorian novels.

7. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde's Activity
Science is very powerful!!! That is what Dr Jekyll taught us with some experiments. We made invisible a coin, we could blow up a balloon without blowing, and we did many incredible things just like real scientists.

8. The Maid's Activity
It was time for Arts&Crafts, so we developed our artistic skills. We used the collage technique to fill the characters' silhouette.

9. The Bennet's Sisters' Activity
One of the most popular ways of having fun during the Victorian Era was dancing in balls. It was not easy to follow the steps but Elisabeth and Jane helped us a lot!

9. The Writer's Activity
The Writer was a gentleman and he explained us how to play French Criquet. It was very funny and we felt as if we were in the British landscape for just some moments.

11 and 12. Dracula and his Victim's Activity
That was the most dangerous activity as Dracula was trying to create an army of vampires to destroy the world. If we didn't want to be a new victim, we need to run very fast.


Suits, the TV series

Suits is an American legal drama created by Aaron Korsh for USA Network, this series was released in 23 June of 2011.
The series is starred by Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams, who play the characters of Harvey Specter and Mike Ross. Mike is a smart student who has left university but is hired by the brilliant Harvey Specter to work at a law firm although he is not a law graduate. The series is about how these two lawyers solve cases while keeping Mike's secret safe.

The series consists of 7 seasons, with 12 episodes the first and 16 the rest, forming a total of 108 episodes and 75 hours of about 45 minutes more or less each.
Éric S. M.
4th ESO A

3rd ESO Project About Sports

In January, the class of 3rd ESO started a project about sports. For each group, the teacher assigned one sport, and the group had to do a Power Point and a Kahoot. The first day, we had to share our answers. Each group divided in roles, and in different parts of the information (the rules, the history, the equipment, the important figures and the competitions). We worked for five sessions and we exposed the Power Point to our class, and the class had to do a Kahoot. We like this project because we could stay in the groups that we want, and we learnt about other new sports.
África S., Marta R., Laura P.
3rd ESO B

Here you have some examples of our projects! Enjoy and learn about sports!!!

Teen Wolf

Hi bloggers!
Teen wolf it’s an American series composed by six seasons, that started in 2011 and ended in 2016. The creator is Jeff Davis and was inspired by the old 1985 Teen Wolf movie. The gender of this novel is a mixture of action, mystery, romance, fantasy and comedy. The main actors in this story are Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Holland Roden, Crystal Reed, Tyler Hoechilin and Shelley Henning. Each season tries to solve a different supernatural problem, but everything starts when an alpha wolf bites the student Scott McCall in the first chapter. From that moment, other supernatural beings begin to emerge as a Banshee, a coyote woman, a Kanima ...  And from there strange things happen in Beacon Hills. This series has won many awards and nominations, since it is one of the best youth series with more audience. 

Noa C. B.
3rd ESO A

4th ESO Project about London Attractions

Last week we did a project about the most important attractions in London. We divided into 6 groups of 4-5 people, and each group was assigned an important place of this city.
Our teacher mentioned us that this project was to know more about London because this is the place where we will go for the end of the course trip.
The project was about a magazine that you had to create and a video which explained the history about the place, the timetable, the prices and how we can arrive there.
Our group talked about Covent Garden that is a market where you can find shops, restaurants and it’s a nice place to walk and have a good time. Other groups explained that also you can find others interesting places or monuments to visit and learn a lot, for example the London Eye, Big Ben, The British Museum, Trafalgar Square…

We think that was a good and fun project to learn more and we didn’t have any problem because we distribute all the tasks very well.
This week you can see you our magazines, and next one you will enjoy the videos!!!
Anna T. C. and Abel S. M.
4th ESO A

Roller Derby

Hi bloggers!
Today I’ll talk about Roller Derby. Many of you will think, what is Roller Derby?
Roller Derby is a contact sport played on quad skates on an oval track. Players always skate anti-clockwise. Each match or roller derby bout is divided in two 30 minutes periods which are split into 2 minutes races called JAMS.
There are two teams with 5 players every team.
The group of 8 players in front is called PACK. The pack is formed by 4 blockers in each team. The PIVOTS of each team, are usually situated in the pack. These players are distinguished from the rest of blockers because they wear a cover with a line in a middle in the helmet. The pivot usually thinks a strategy for her team or organise the pack. A blocker obstructs the jammer of the opposite team.

At the beginning of each jam the pack is placed in a line of pivots and the line of jammers. The jammers are the runners and are placed behind the line of jammer. In the helmet they wear a cover with two stars, one in each side and they are the only ones that can score points.
There are many referees. One referee controls each jammer and keeps the account of points that the jammers make. And there are others referees which control the pack. There are 7 referees in total.
When a whistle blows the jam begins and the pack and jammers start skating. The jammers start their first lap around the track when they don’t score points.

The equipment is:
- Kneepads, elbow pads, wristbands and mouth guard.
- Helmet
- Uniform of the team
- Quad skates

Andrea C. G.
3rd ESO A

Friday, 9 February 2018


Schizophrenia is a mental illness that affects people in a psychological aspect; feelings, perceptions or their thoughts. It is caused by an abnormality in the brain. The brain of a schizophrenic person creates alternate neuronal circuits. These cause the symptoms. There are negative and positive symptoms. The positive symptoms are caused by a problem in the neurotransmitters. The neurotransmitters in our brain help us spread the information. There’s a neurotransmitter called ‘’dopamine’’. Schizophrenic people have really high levels of dopamine because the mesolimbic pathway (part of the brain) can’t control it well. This dopamine causes hallucinations (positive symptoms) related to our 5 senses. For example, their brain creates a certain taste, feel, or visual illusion. If a schizophrenic’s mind creates a creepy clown in front of them, they will see him as real as you or me. Because their brain creates it and makes them believe it a 100%. The negative effects are caused by the really low levels of dopamine on the mesocortical pathway (another part of the brain). These can be apathy, reductions in speech, social withdrawal, etc. There’s a solution to schizophrenia but it doesn’t completely help. Antipsychotics eliminate the positive symptoms but leave the negative ones. In conclusion, schizophrenia is a really difficult illness and it’s important to understand schizophrenics instead of rejecting them completely.
The development of Louis Wain’s paintings, an artist that had schizophrenia. 
Thalía S. L.
4th ESO A