Thursday, 30 November 2017

My Magical Moment

A magical moment of my life happened at the beginning of May, 2010. It was the first time I travelled abroad. We went to Disneyland Paris, an amazing and magical world. It has been one of my best travels because it is the most beautiful site in my childhood where I saw my favourite animated characters.
Every day in the theme park, we went to the rides and we did several different activities all the day. One of them, which I loved to do, was to get signatures of all the animated characters that we found. I bought a notebook to have the signatures of all the characters. We also went to the parade that you can see in “Main Street” every day.  There it appeared all the Disney characters, for example: the princesses like Cinderella the monsters SA, Ratatouille, and more varied activities.

I spent four days there and one day in Paris. We went to Paris because he impressed me a lot since I read a book of Tea Stilton that was located in Paris the city of Love.
In Paris we visited different monuments, the most relevant like for example: Eiffel Tower, The cathedral of Notre dame. We went for a walk along the Siena River. I would have liked to be more days in Paris because I would have liked to visit more monuments and places there.

The real thing is that I do not remember everything but I would like to return to relive all those moments because I had the best sensations.
Xènia V. P.
4th ESO B

In Ten Years

In 10 years, I will have finished my studies of computer science. After finishing my degree, I will go to London to improve my English. Then, I will look for a job to save money, so I will be able to set up my computer company.
Years later, I will do a marketing course to know how to organize my company, so I can make it grow nationally. Then, I will go to other countries to make it bigger and compete with the current big brands.

Moreover, I will continue with my company until I will retire. My children will continue with the company. Once retired, I will go with my wife to travel around the world and enjoy. Once in a while, I will go to see my former workers.
Carlos H. L.
4th ESO A

Stranger things is a TV series, which explains the story of a boy, Will, who got lost in the forest. When that happens, their friends go to find where he is, but without the help of any adult. The adults are also trying to find him, but not together.
Then something that anybody can explain happens. First one girl, that has mental powers, appears. Second, one person that is looking for this girl, appears killing many people. Third, the Will’s mom gets crazy because her boy does not appear. However, not only this, many amazing things are going to happen in this TV series.

All the people who like fantasy have to see it, because, this TV series is amazing, and now it just has two seasons.
From my point of view, this TV series for is amazing and incredible. I do not know why but, I like it a lot, and I cannot wait to see everything. I love this TV series, and definitely, it is my favourite TV series, for now.

 Ainara J. P.
3rd ESO B


Boxing is one Olympic sport, in which two people usually wear protective gloves. To prepare you for boxing, you have to run for the endurance and you have to hit the sack.  You need to have many reflexes for the combats.
It consisted in 12 rounds of three minutes each. One combat can last 36 minutes one combat, and who gets the most points wins. If one boxer falls on the floor, the assault is finished. You can be disqualified for breaking a rule. For girls, the assaults are 2 minutes and between the assaults is 1 minute.
 The most famous boxers are: Muhammad Ali, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis , Mike Tyson, Julio César Chávez, These people won many assaults.
Judith I. G.
3rd ESO B

"La que se avecina", the TV series

Hi bloggers!
“La que avecina” is my favourite TV series. I see it in FDF channel at lunchtime every day. I really like it. 
It is about a community of neighbours, which is funny. There is no a clear protagonist, but some characters are more important than others. For me, the two most important and at the same time funniest characters are Antonio and Amador. 

On the ground floor, Maite lives with her four children. Right now, she has a lot of money, but she had even lived in a garage. Maite is a famous writer and he pays Amador a salary, so he will not ask her for a divorce. In front of her, it lives a rich politician who has had three women. On the first floor, there is an old woman who only annoys the neighbours. Antonio is also a little bit crazy. He has a fish shop, and his wife is a housewife. A young couple lives on the attic; he is a computer technician and she is an actress. They have a daughter. Finally, there is a young girl who lives with Enrique’s daughter, and she is a psychologist. It is a very funny TV series that I recommend you.  
Paul R. R.
3rd ESO A

Friday, 24 November 2017


It is called Electronic Entertainment Expo and this is the reason why it has this name, because of the three E.
E3 2017 is the most important video game fair of the year. Large companies such as Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and publishers such as Activision, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Bandai Namco or Square-Enix show their strongest titles for the following year.
There is a great variety of games and several companies that collaborate in the event.
Joel C. F.
4th ESO B

It, the movie

This movie explains the story of seven children in Derry. One of the child's brother is missing. He thinks he fell down the sewer so he goes with his friends to find him. A clown appears to each one of them, scaring them with their biggest fears. All of them together go to the sewer to fight the clown (also named "it") and they are able to find his brother. Lastly, they defeat the clown, they get out of the sewer and continue with their lives.

 Paula G. M.
4th ESO A